The procedure of Like and you will Breaking up (Ob fourteen)

The procedure of Like and you will Breaking up (Ob fourteen)

Brand of Couples (Ob twelve)

Lee (1973) has the benefit of an idea from love appearances or sort of lovers derived out of an analysis away from blog about love through the centuries. Since you comprehend such, contemplate exactly how such appearances might end up being an element of the designs regarding love described significantly more than.

Pragma try manner of love you to definitely emphasizes brand new practical facets off love. This new practical partner considers compatibility plus the feeling of their choices out of couples. Which spouse could well be concerned with desires in life, updates, family unit members character, perceptions on parenting, industry affairs and other important issues.

Mania are technique of love described as volatility, insecurity, and you may possessiveness. So it spouse becomes extremely upset throughout the objections otherwise breakups, could have sleep disorders when in like, and seems ideas extremely greatly.

Agape try a charitable, selfless love. Such people promote out-of themselves in the place of pregnant things reciprocally. Including a lover cities the newest partner’s contentment a lot more than their particular and you can try self-losing to profit the brand new lover.

Eros try an erotic kind of loving where in fact the person feels consumed. Real biochemistry and you may mental engagement are very important to that kind of lover.

Lupus identifies manner of enjoying one to emphasizes the overall game off seduction and you can fun. Such as for instance a lover stays regarding connection and often has numerous love hobbies at the same time. So it lover does not notice-reveal and in fact, may want to hold the most other speculating. Continuar leyendo «The procedure of Like and you will Breaking up (Ob fourteen)»